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ASC 2017 (Adhesive and Sealant Council)


FKM Cure PackagesFKM Cure Packages

Dispersions for use as an accelerator, vulcanizer and cross linking agents.




Fluorocure® 2


Light blue pellets. Dispersion of benzyl-tri-phenylphosphonium chloride in FKM binder. Used as an accelerator with Fluorocure® 3 curative in fluoroelastomers.

Fluorocure® 3


Off-white pellets. Dispersion of Bisphenol AF in FKM binder. Used as a vulcanizing/crosslinking agent with Fluorocure® 2 in fluoroelastomers.

Fluorocure® 5


Amber pellets. Cure package containing both Fluorocure® 2 and Fluorocure® 3.

Fluorocure® 5LM


Amber pellets. Cure package containing both the active ingredient in Fluorocure® 2 and Fluorocure® 3. Lower melting version of Fluorocure® 5.

Fluorocure® AF


Fluorocure® AF is Bisphenol AF in powder form. It is used as a vulcanizing / crosslinking agent in conjunction with Benzyltriphenylphosphonium chloride accelerator or Fluorocure® 2, a 50% active master batch, for curing fluoroelastomers.

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